27 November 2012

MEXICO: 28 Nov UPDATE: Sinaloa Beauty Queen Flores Gamez May Have Been Human Shield; Killed In Shoot-Out...Riding With Narcos.

       WITH: 1:31 Shoot-out video; beauty contest video...and 8 fotos.

      Miss Woman of Sinaloa 2012...Maria Susana Flores Gamez, 20...involuntarily surrendered her crown...and her life.
     She was gunned down by federal police during a firefight...while riding in a narco caravan in the village of El Palmar Real...in western Mexico.
     4 others were also killed in the battle...2 officers, a civilian and her boyfriend.
    Maria was chosen Miss Woman of Sinaloa 2012 in February...and in May represented Mexico in China at the Miss Oriental Tourism contest.
    Her family claims she was not involved with mafiosos...but was simply on her way to work.
    Police speculate she was used as a human shield by the narcos...forced to hold a gun that was found near her body.
    Gun residue tests will conducted on her hands.