25 November 2012

CANADA / HUMOR : 26 Nov UPDATE: Tweeters Blast Justin Bieber For Wearing Overalls To PM Harper Award; Toronto Footballers Boo Song; Writer Bombarded By Email Attacks For Bieber Report.


     A writer for the Daily Mail describes how she was bombarded with thousands of hate emails after noting the web's reaction to Bieber's recent clothing gaffe. 
     The teen singing idol Justin Bieber received a prestigious award from Canada's conservative PM Stephen Harper...casually dressed in t-shirt, overalls, neon yellow shoes and backwards baseball cap...and Twitter went wild.
     Many tweeters called Bieber's look more appropriate for a farm.
     He was called...a 'tool'...a 'hillbilly'....'white trash prince'...and worse.
     Should the 'haters' have given young 'Bieb' a break?
     After all...he's just 18...and still mourning a first romance break-up with his gf of 2 years...actress Selena Gomez, 20.
    Adding to Justin's recent woes...he was soundly booed several times by Toronto football fans during the 100th Grey Cup championship game...and his hit YouTube video 'Baby'...for a long time the most viewed in history...has been easily surpassed by 800 million views of PSY's 'Gangnam Style.'
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