15 November 2012

BRASIL: Gang Led Sao Paulo Murder Spree Continues; 94 Cops Killed.


      A 6-year truce between police and narco gangs has apparently ended...with widespread bloodshed...as death continues to stalk Sao Paulo city and state.

       Even with notorious PCC narco leaders moved to more secure supervised jails...4 more police have been assassinated in the past week.
     The death toll there explodes every weekend...with 150 dead in the past 2 weeks...and 94 police killed...along with 3 prison guards...so far in 2012.
     Thru September...the area recorded 1,100 homicides.
     The narco prison gangs are said to be targeting off-duty military police.
     State officials told Brasilia that their 130,000 police were enough to fight off the PCC... and have rejected offers of military assistance.