14 November 2012

BRASIL / AUSTRALIA: 5 Sydney Cops May Be Disciplined For Excessive Force Tasering Dead, Drugged Exchange Student Curti.


      Sydney's coroner says 5 police acted 'recklessly and dangerously'...and 'may have choked' an LSD drugged Brasilian exchange student...after chasing and tasering him...14 times!
     The official only recommends the cops be disciplined.
     Sao Paulo student Roberto 'Beto' Curti, 21...was half clothed...and high on acid...when he was seen stealing 2 packets of cookies from a convenience store in Bondi...a Sydney suburb.
     A bystander called police because she thought she witnessed an armed robbery.
     The officers chased Curti...handcuffed him...repeatedly tasered him...perhaps choking him to death...while he was pinned on the ground
     Curti was studying English in Sydney. He came from a wealthy Sao Paulo family.

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