20 March 2012

BRASIL / AUSTRALIA : 31 March UPDATE: Dead Police Tasered Paulista Laudisio Curti...Felt Safer In Sydney Than SP; Memorial Held.

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        A memorial service in Bondi was held for dead Paulista Roberto "Beto" Laudisio Curti (foto), 21.
        He died...after being pursued by 6 Sydney police who tasered and pepper sprayed him.
        His death will force a review about the use of tasers by police.
        Brasilia is demanding a probe into Laudisio Curti's death...who was an orphan and had been studying English in Sydney...for only a few months.
(Generic internet foto)
        Police say that he was tasered and pepper sprayed as he tried to flee...after stealing cookies...from a convenience store.
       Laudisio Curti's wealthy relatives have hired a private investigator
       But a witness and friends say it was a case of mistaken identity....that police killed the wrong man...according to the description given by a store clerk.
      The suspicious death also caused a political problem for Aussie ForMin Bob Carr...who 'gaffed' by sending condolences to the victim's parents...both of whom died from cancer.

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