14 November 2012

EU / SPAIN / PORTUGAL / ITALY / GREECE : Solidarity Strike Causes Travel Misery Across the Eurozone; Clashes/Arrests/Injuries In Athens, Madrid.

               LINK UPDATE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2232706/Air-passengers-left-stranded-anti-austerity-strikes-Europe.html
                With 42 Images...and Spain Clash Videos

       A one day 'solidarity' strike across the eurozone...made travel there...miserable..and near impossible.
     Trains, metros, ferries and flights suffered from delays...and cancellations.
     600 flights were cancelled in Spain alone.
     Public sector workers and trade unions in 23 nations...but especially in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece...protested austerity measures...punishing commuters and tourists.
    Spain's union leaders claimed 9 million joined the latest strike.
     Clashes were reported in Athens and Madrid.
     More than 118 were arrested in Spain...and 74...including 43 police...were injured.
     Reuters reports 60 were detained in Roma.
     Mass rallies and marches were scheduled.