07 November 2012

ARGENTINA / USA / ECUADOR: 09 Nov UPDATE: Chevron Asks Court To Block Embargo After Judge Orders Much Of Chevron's $2 Billion Assets Seized.

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       8 lawyers for Chevron asked for a Buenos Aires civil court to revoke another Argentine judge's order to seize/'embargo' much of Chevron's estimated $2 billion in assets there...for  some 30,000 indigena plaintiffs in Ecuador.
     In late October...lawyers for indigena people asked a Buenos Aires court to enforce a $19 billion award against USA oil giant Chevron...for polluting its Amazon lands.
    The Argentine seizure order includes 100% of Chevron's 'capital', 100% of dividends, 100% of its pipeline ownership, 40% of its sales to refineries...and 40% of its money in national banks.
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