21 October 2012

SPAIN / EUROZONE : Regional Elections Deliver Mixed Results For PM Rajoy; Galicia Supports Austerity But Basque Nationalists Also Win.


    Austerity won in PM Rajoy's home region Galicia...but nationalists were victorious in the Basque Country (above foto).
    Exit polling gave Rajoy's center right party the majority in Galicia.
    But...in the Basque Country...the nationalist PNV appear to have won 24 to 27 seats.
   The EU has offered up to 100 billion in loans to Spain...but Rajoy has not yet decided to accept a bailout...because of the conditions that accompany loans.
    Nationalists in the powerful and wealthy Catalonia region are also clamoring for more autonomy...and money...with regional elections scheduled there on 25 November.