26 October 2012

HUNGARY / EU : Far Right Jobbik Party Support Grows...With Roma People In Sites.

      With 15 FOTOS

      The strength of the nationalistic Jobbik party is growing...giving it more influence as the decider between the ruling Fidesz party and the left wing opposition...in the 2014 elections.
      At risk with its influence...are EU membership...economic realignment with its eastern neighbors...and treatment of 1 million Roma people.
      More EU dictated austerity with a new $15 billion IMF loan means more votes for the Jobbik.
      Jobbik's support among voters has soared from 2% in 2003...to 17% in 2010...with 30-35% possible by 2014.
      And if Jobbik gets its way...Hungary will certainly crack down on the Roma.