25 October 2012

BRASIL / AUSTRALIA / JAPAN : 25 Oct UPDATE: Student Sells Virginity...For $780,000!...To Japanese Man.

      The month long online auction...is over!
      Long haired Brasilena college student Catarina Migliorini, 20...has sold her virginity for $780,000! to a Japanese man...named 'Natsu'...after 15 bids...and strong competition from 2 Americans and an Indian.
      The auction ended on 15 October.
      Soon she will have her 'first sex' with the winner...on a plane between the USA and Australia.
     Catarina denies charges she is a prostitute.
     She must undergo an exam by a gynecologist...and earn a certificate of health stating she is free of STDs.
     An Australian film crew is making a documentary about her...and a male virgin...who was auctioned off...for just $3,000!
     Migliorini has already been paid $20,000 for the film project.
     She said she plans on attending medical school with the money.