11 September 2012

SPAIN: 12 Sept UPDATE : Analysis: Why 1.5 Million Now Demand "Libertad" For Catalonia.

       Detailed ANALYSIS

     More than 1.5 million people rallied in Barcelona...demanding independence for their province Catalonia.
     New polling shows 46.4% support for 'libertad'.
     In Madrid...conservative PM Rajoy dismissed the rally...saying the nation needs jobs...not 'big gestures like this.'
    Recently...Barcelona asked for a 5 billion euros loan from Madrid...but Catalans see the money as rightfully theirs...since their region is Spain's most prosperous.
    Barcelona also claims it plans to build a gambling mecca...even after a USA billionaire chose the Madrid area instead for a proposed $22 billion EuroVegas.
      TO WATCH : 1:07 Video Report