02 September 2012

RUSSIA / FRANCE : 03 Sept UPDATE: Putin Calls For Unity At Symbolic 1812 Borodino Battleground; Oil Production Hits New High; Jailed Pussy Rioter Says She Loves Russia, Hates Putin.

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    Standing on hallowed ground at the Borodino battlefield...where Russia defeated Napoleon's troops 200 years ago...President Putin called...for unity from ethnic and religious groups.
    Currently...Putin faces more opposition than ever before...from an angry growing Islamic movement...and an unhappy middleclass.
    ALSO: Russia reports that its daily delivery of oil grew to 10.38 million bbls in August... ranking it #2...behind Saudi Arabia.
    It is a new post-Soviet high...that allows it to take advantage of current high prices.
    Oil and gas sales generate 49% of Russia's income.
      UPDATED LINK CHANGE 03 Sept: Photogenic jailed protester...fierce Pussy Rioter Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22...told Der Spiegel that "I love Russia but I hate Putin.'
      She said she wants to see a revolution in Russia.
      The German news weekly submitted questions via her lawyer.