13 September 2012

MEXICO : Gulfo Narco Boss 'El Coss' Caught In Tampico; Arrested Pozos Gonzalez Proud Of Golden AK-47.


      Another day...another narco arrest.
      The Navy claims it has captured 'El Coss'...the boss of the weakened but still viable Gulfo narco gang...that once controlled the lucrative northern USA border region.
      Juan Eduardo Costilla Sanchez was paraded before the media...with 10 of his bodyguards...after being arrested in Tampico.
     Guns, jewelry and money were also seized.
     The USA had a $3 million bounty on his capture...with Mexico offering $2 million.
     Costilla Sanchez will probably be extradited to the USA.
     Experts say Costilla Sanchez could provide valuable inside info about bribery and corruption of high ranking officials of several border states...but also may lead to more infighting over control of the fading Gulfos gang.
     ALSO: A smug La Resistencia narco honcho...Ramiro Pozos Gonzalez, 42...was caught and proudly displayed with his gold plated AK-47 and ammo clips.