08 September 2012

EU / MEXICO : Van Rompuy Tells The DF...To Butt Out Of Giving Euro Advice.


     It's apparently no more Mr. Nice Guy for EU President Herman Van Rompuy.
     Van Rompuy wants countries to stop being annoying sabe lo todos/know it alls...about Eurozone bailouts solutions.
     He singled out Mexico.
     In Italy...Van Rompuy said: 'I'm fed up with being in the dock. Countries like Mexico... but other countries are preaching to us and telling us what we should do in Europe.
    And these countries have got civil war at home.''
     Acting somewhat civilized...Van Rompuy stopped short of criticizing CBank honcho Agustin Carstens' enormous girth...advising him to go on a diet...or maybe get some much needed lap band surgery.