13 September 2012

CZECH REP / SLOVAKIA / POLAND : 27 Sept UPDATE: Major Meth Spiked Booze Source Found After 26 Die.

           5TH LINK CHANGE:
        Czech police say they have made a major arrests in the illegal meth spike booze that has killed over 2 dozen. 
        2 main suspects...along with dozens of accomplices...have been arrested.
        Police say the suspects were employees of a car window wash fluid manufacturer.
        26 have died in the Czech Rep. alone...with more than 40 still in hospital...some blinded...or in comas.
        Police say that they have confiscated over 10,000 liters of adulterated liquor...and that 15,000 liters may have been sold.
            A temporary ban on sale of alcohol over 20%...that was badly hurting bar and restaurant sales....may soon be eased.