14 September 2012

COLOMBIA : Uribe Attacks Santos Again Over FARC Talks; FARC Rates Peace Chances...High.


     Former President Alvaro Uribe...is like a hungry dog chewing on a bone.
     He just won't let go...without a good loud growl.
     Uribe is still attacking President Juan Manuel Santos over upcoming peace talks with the 8,000 member FARC narco/oro/extortionist terrorists in Norway and Cuba.
     Uribe, 60...claims the talks will scare off foreign investors.
     But Santos maintains a FARC peace could add 2% to annual GDP...already hovering around the 5% level.
     Uribe wants the FARC to surrender their weapons before talks begin...stop all criminal activities...and...the real deal killer...be punished for their crimes.
     He also dislikes any involvement of President Hugo Chavez in the process.
     The FARC has battled the government for some 50 years.

    NEW!!! AND: A FARC spokesperson now rates the chances of successful peace talks at 75-80%.
      Failure, he claims..means 50 more years of war...and insists FARC is not weak.