26 August 2012

PERU: Mining Protests Undermine Humala's Hopes; Squatters' Pigs Destroying Ancient Nazca Designs.


     With $50 billion in mining projects planned for this decade...President Humala is counting on foreign companies to continue investing...to sustain the nation's avg. 6.5% annual growth.
     But...Humala can also count on growing protests by indigena over the gold and copper projects.
     Protesters again have Newmont's massive $5 billion Conga mine in their sights.
     Humala once campaigned against the project...but changed his mind...and has been called a traitor.
    AND: 50 squatters have encroached on protected ancient Nazca desert designs... destroying them with their pigs.
      The unique site with its geoglyphs of birds and monkey shapes is best appreciated from the air...and UNESCO declared it a world heritage site in 1994.