01 August 2012

BOLIVIA / COLOMBIA / PERU / USA : Jailed American Gets Attention; Bogota Drops To 3rd In Coke Production.


     An American jailed in Bolivia on money laundering charges for over a year without trial is getting more attention from human rights groups and politicians.
     Some USA officials claim the plight on NY's Jacob Ostreicher is not so subtle payback against America for the jailing of former General Sanabria on drug charges.
    In 2011...Bolivia's antidrug chief General Rene Sanabria got 14 years for trying to smuggle coke into the USA.
    Also...this week Peru and Bolivia displaced Colombia as the major source of cocaine... according to the White House.
    It was the first time since 1997 that Colombia has not led in cocaine production.
    However...recent UN numbers over cocaine production differ from the White House report.
           TO READ: about White House report...and Plan Colombia's success.