27 July 2012

RUSSIA : Putin Using Courts To Prosecute Opposition...Navalny And Lebedev ;Moscow Rally For Forgotten Prisoners.


      The lawyer for opposition activist Alexei Navalny (above) says his client will be charged in a probe over losses at  state-owned forestry firm...KirovLes.
      If convicted Navalny, 36, could face 2-5 years in jail.
      The anti-corruption crusading lawyer has been arrested 2x for protests vs Putin.
    AND: Billionaire Alexander Lebedev told BLOOMBERG that he expects to go to jail...with Putin now fully in control.
     He claims to have been persecuted for 3 years...over a fight with a businessman.
     Lebedev's Russian bank is also being investigated. 
     He says Putin is trying to drive him out of Russia...but he refuses to leave. 
     Lebedev is worth $1.2 billion and owns a crusdaing newspaper in Moscow and a troubled newspaper in the UK.
     He has also helped financed activists like Navalny.
         ALSO: TO WATCH: 1:09 Video report: http://www.euronews.com/2012/07/26/russian-rally-held-to-demand-the-release-of-the-hostages-of-the-authorities 
         Hundreds of Russians rallied for jailed and forgotten protesters. 
         12 protesters held since a 6 May protest vs Putin's election...were remembered in a Moscow rally.
         TO READ: http://www.rferl.org/content/opposition-rally-begins-in-moscow/24657800.html