16 July 2012

MUSIC FOR MONDAYS: Desde MEXICO: Monterrey's 'KINKY' Gets Funky.

       3:49/ Oficial funny but weird 'prison' video...follows skippable ad.

     Everything changes.
     Even...in Mexico.
     Experts now assert that Cd. Juarez is no longer the murder capital of the world...or even Mexico.
    That title...is always a jump ball away...from possession by Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, Acapulco, Veracruz and Guadalajara.
     Sadly...it takes only one horrendous mafioso massacre or narcofosa discovery...to propel any of these cities to top of the ever mounting hit list.
     Prosperous Monterrey...in 2005 rated the safest city in Latin America...is now just another deadly city...as ruthless Zetas fight with the Gulfo narcos over control of it.
     Yet...it is still a creative hothouse.
     The electronic rock group KINKY has been based there since 1998.
     KINKY's music has appeared in many USA TV shows and commercials.
     Here they bop to 'Ejercicio #16'.