23 July 2012

ARGENTINA / CZECH REP / UK : 28 July UPDATE: Scientist Claims Internet Set-up After Drug Bust.

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     Older men...can get frustrated and desperate...especially when young women look right thru them.
     As seen with slippery Silvio Berlusconi...and self admitted libertine 'DSK'...the urge to merge with young women...does not always dissipate with advancing age.
     That makes internet dating with an allegedly beautiful woman for some...almost seem reasonable and possible.
     But...probably not.
     Still aging Brit physicist Paul Frampton, 68...fell hard for an alleged 34-year-old Czech beauty and underwear model...well-endowed Denise Milani...via the Internet...swapping messages with her...for 11 weeks.
      But his sad web love affair ended with Frampton arrested at the Buenos Aires airport... for muling 2 kgs of coke in suitcases.
      The model may have been narcos posing as the well endowed international beauty... using the naive and gullible scientist to take her luggage to Peru.
      At least that's what the Brit claims...from his cell in Argentina...where he may serve 16 years.