23 June 2012

VENEZUELA / CUBA / IRAN : Capriles Predicts Win, Vows Cuba Changes When Elected President.


      In an interview with AFP...presidential candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski predicted a 10 point victory over current President Hugo Chavez in October.
      He says he will tackle crime, poverty and unemployment when elected.
      Capriles also said he would 'review' relations with Iran...and stop distributing money to Cuba.
      AND...today's WSJ reports that Chavez pays Cuba...$135,000 for each doctor it sends to Venezuela...27x the average doctor's salary in Caracas...and accounted for 40% of Cuba's trade in 2010...up from 27% in 2009...mainly from the 105,000 bbls of oil...it ships daily...to La Habana.