29 June 2012

UKRAINE : EURO 2012 Co-Host...Proves The Perfect Host.


      EURO 2012 comes to an end...Sunday in Kyiv...with the match between returning champion Spain...and upstart Italy.
      But few incidents have been reported in Ukraine...racial or otherwise.
      The only problems were in Poland...dust-ups between Poles and Russians in Warsaw.
      In fact...Swedish fans held up a banner thanking Ukraine for being excellent hosts.
      And...despite the continuing medical problems of jailed former PM Yulia Tymoshenko... and boycotts by some EU leaders...EURO 2012 has gone off without a hitch in co-host Ukraine.
     President Yanukovich could have bailed lots more hay while the football gods were shining down on the plains of Ukraine...but probably didn't...because of his stubborn refusal to budge on the Yulia affair.
     He topped-off his mean streak by inviting Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko to attend the finals.
     Lukashenko is anathema to EU leaders and human rights NGOs.