15 June 2012

PARAGUAY : 17 June UPDATE: 9 Farmers Charged with Police Murders After Canindeyu Land Clash; Interior Minister, Top Cop Resign After 17 Die.

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      Official have revised the official body count to 6 police...and 9 farmers killed during land clashes in NE Canindeyu province.
     They announced that 9 farmers would be charged for murdering the cops.
     There are also reports that bodies of 2 more farmers were found.
     Medicos say 80 were wounded...including 27 police...some seriously.
     About 100 families occupied some forest land in the east...3 weeks ago...and 320 police tried to evict them from privately held land.
     The farmers claimed the land was wrongly taken from them during the regime of Gen. Stroessner...and doled out to his allies.
    150 soldiers were sent in to restore order.
    The interior minister resigned...as has the nation's top cop...and both have been replaced.

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