04 June 2012

AUSTIN, TEXAS / USA : Conspiracy Radio Talker Alex Jones' Rising Profile.


      Austin has a small number of celebrities.
      Singer Willie Nelson has lived here for decades, actress Sandra Bullock owns a number of houses and businesses...and actor/huge UT fan Matthew McConaughey is threatening to leave Malibu...and live here with his Brasilena model and children.
     There are also several noted directors about...including Richard Linklater, Robert Rodriguez...and the reclusive Terrence Malick.
     Also...7 time Tour de France winning cyclist Lance Armstrong has owned houses and visits 2 children who reside here...while his cancer foundation is based in Austin.
     But now...it is Alex Jones...a long time local 'paleo conservative' radio talk show host...who is getting national attention.
       Jones is known for promoting paranoia, attacking the 'new world order'...and pounding home his conspiracy theories about 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing.
       What's ironic about Jones being Austin-based...is that the city and it's county...Travis... are often derided by the right as the most liberal areas in Texas.