11 May 2012

VENEZUELA / CUBA : 12 May UPDATE: Chavez Returns From Cuba; Alleged 'Murder' Coded Crossword Puzzle Is Probed; Hugo Still Has Huge Lead Over Rival.


      After 11 days of  radiotherapy in La Habana...President Hugo Chavez returned to Caracas...claiming his treatment 'a success' ...as well as encountering a possible espionage tempest in a cafe pot.
     Government agents are questioning a crossword creator...about his newspaper puzzle that allegedly contained a coded message to kill President Hugo Chavez's brother Adan.
     A pro-government commentator charged that Neptali Segovia hid some clues like 'assassinate' and 'Adan' in his newspaper...calling for the murder of Adan Chavez...the governor of Barinas state...and probable appointed presidential successor...if his brother Hugo dies of cancer.
     Long time puzzle creator Segovia has voluntarily met with agents.
     Paranoia is infecting Venezuela as rumors continue to swirl that Hugo is again in his death bed in La Habana.
     The French resistance used coded crossword puzzles vs the Nazis in WW2.
     AND: Opposition rival Henrique Capriles Radonski still badly trails Chavez in one poll... with 26% vs Hugo's 46%...down 5% from March. 
     Capriles tries to compete on Twitter...but few follow his campaign.
     ALSO: T. Padgett...on Hugo's preparation for succession.