06 May 2012

USA / FRANCE / UN : 08 May UPDATE: Sasha Baron Cohen's Comic Character Does Press Conference; Liked Hollande's Victory Over "Midget" Sarkozy...But Really Wanted "DSK".

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      Outrageous comic Sasha Baron Cohen never misses a chance to plug an upcoming movie...this time...'The Dictator.'
      In the persona of Admiral/General Aladeen of Wadiya...he conducted a press conference in NYC...addressing the serious issues of Syria, Egypt, North Korea, the UN and Mitt Romney as president...with insults.
      Two days ago...in character...he congratulated socialist Francois Hollande for beating that 'midget' Nicolas Sarkozy as president.
      But the Admiral/General says he would have preferred a 'DSK' victory...because the ex-IMF chief (below) '...has some of the best rape excuses...ever heard.'

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