31 May 2012

ECUADOR /USA / CANADA : Amazon Indigena Sue Chevron For $18.2 Billion...In Canadian Courts.


       Tired of oil giant Chevron's decade long delay in settling...lawyers for Amazon's indigena people...are suing the USA company...in an Ontario court...to collect the $18.2 billion they were awarded in Ecuador in 2011.
       Chevron has subsidiaries in Canada that drill on land and offshore, refine and sell gasoline...and extract crude oil from Alberta tar sands...for almost 3% of its global production.
     Lawyers also say they will file suit in 30 more countries...where Chevron has assets.
     Chevron claims Ecuador's massive judgement was fraudulent...resulting from bribery.
     The indigena say that Texaco...a company Chevron took over in 2001...never properly cleaned-up decades of pollution and environmental hazards from oil exploration in Ecuador's Amazon region.