08 April 2012

PERU : 11 April UPDATE: 9 Miners In Ica Rescued...After 6 Days.

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     The daily...and frantic effort...often without proper equipment finally paid off...as 9 miners...trapped for 6 days...were rescued from an unlicensed gold and copper mine...some 700 feet/200 meters below the surface...in southern Peru. 
     President Ollanta Humala was on hand to greet them..as they emerged from the mine's dark, cold and dampness.
     For several days...rescuers had been using only basic picks and shovels to remove 8 meters of dirt and rock...after new cave-ins at the Cabeza de Negro mine in Ica province.
    They even had to beg private mining companies for modern heavy equipment.
    But the buried miners were provisioned via a metal tube...with water, oxygen and liquid foods.
    President Humala's government is now being criticized for its lack of emergency  preparedness.
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