22 April 2012

PERU : 150 Police Poisoned By Food In Troubled Madre De Dios; Prez Humala Orders Massive Jungle Push Vs Narco Rebels.


      Police blame 'bad chicken soup' for sickening 150 officers at a remote jungle base in the troubled Madre de Dios region.
      More than 90 officers were hospitalized.
      Police forces have been greatly reinforced because of ongoing troubles with illegal gold miners.
      Officials will investigate the suppliers.
      ALSO: President Humala has ordered his army to prepare for a massive push against  narco rebels in the jungles of the "Dog's Ear' region...a critical area for the important Camisea nat gas pipeline.
       Last week...a rebel leader mocked Humala...a former military officer...when he declared that his small band kidnapped 36 workers only to lure troops into a trap...and shot down a helicopter...and killed 6 soldiers.http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/20/peru-army-rebels-idUSL2E8FK7EL20120420