16 April 2012

ITALY : More Of Silvio's Mansion Exploits Detailed: Model Fadil Describes Pole Dancing Stripping Nuns.


      All the British websites...including even the staid BBC...are reporting about model Imane Fadil's detailed testimony at the Milano trial of randy anciano ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi.
      Silvery, slippery Silvio is on trial for paying an underage puta...and then using his influence to get her released.
      Fadil, 27...a Moroccan...testified that she was shocked!!!..as 2 young women wearing nun's clothing...pole danced and stripped down to scanty underwear.
      Fadil is one of 3 women who claim Silvio's infamous 'bunga-bunga' parties were more than just 'elegant dinners'.

   AND: The BBC even features a surprisingly long write-up about the origins of 'bunga-bunga'. 
      It seems the term is not new or unique to Silvio's soirees...but dates back to 1910!