06 March 2012

USA / MEDIA : Humorist Jon Stewart On Radio's Limbaugh Contraception/'Slut' Slurs.

          VIDEO: 9:32

      Since only about 20% of this blog's daily visitors come from the USA...many may be blissfully unaware...of a stinky new controversy...involving outrageous right wing radio talk  host Rush Limbaugh.
     A recent Limbaugh limburger-smelling performance had him labeling Georgetown Univ. student Sandra Fluke (below) as a 'slut'...and 'prostitute'...some 53 times...because she supports the importance of contraception in health policy...and wants even religious institutions to pay for it for employees.
     At last count...2 radio stations have dropped his show...and 9 advertisers...including some major companies...have stopped sponsoring his nationally syndicated show...with social media posting furiously over this topic du jour.
     Even President Obama...and some Republicans have denounced Limbaugh's nasty comments.
     In this video...humorist Jon Stewart gives his take on Limbaugh's odd view on the world of sex.