29 February 2012

VENEZUELA / CUBA : Hugo's Good Health News...Believe It Or Not?


      President Hugo Chavez reportedly came thru another cancer surgery in information secure La Habana.
     The official report...is that a new malignant 'lesion' was successfully removed.
     But...the rumor mill is hard at work again.
     Venezuela's Nelson Bocaranda...twice a reliable opposition source on Hugo's poor health... and Brasil's Merval Pereira...are still claiming his cancer has spread.
     No date has been announced for Chavez's return to Caracas.

   ALSO:  If Chavez dies...or remains ill...who would take his place in the October election?
   In January, he demoted 2 possible successors... ForMin Nicolas Maduro and VP Elias Jaua...making them run for governor.