23 February 2012

RUSSIA : Putin Packs Stadium...In Rare Campaign Appearance.


      It was a case of 'Puting' at its best...as some 80,000 packed a Moscow outdoor stadium... to hear PM Putin deliver an 8 minute 'stem winder' campaign speech before many adoring...and some forced to attend...supporters.
      Putin's speech had a strong patriotic/nationalistic tone...even invoking Napoleon's failed 1812 invasion and Hitler's defeat.
       “We will defend her (Russia) through all time and forever,” he said. “We will never allow anyone to interfere in our internal affairs, we will not allow someone to impose their will on us, because we have our own will! It has helped us to conquer! We are a victorious people! It is in our genes, in our genetic code!”
    It was a highly visible show of force for Putin...to offset the recent numerous massive protests of his opposition.
    However...he failed to announce any specific reforms...but also stopped short of ridiculing and insulting the growing middle class opposition forces.
    “We are afraid of rebellions,”a woman supporter, 46, told the NYTimes. “We are afraid of bloodshed because we all have children. We have near and dear who we worry about. We want stability. I think stability can only come with Vladimir Vladimirovich.” 
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