12 February 2012

CUBA / USA : Imprisoned USA 'Spy' Gross Knew His Work Was Illegal And Very Dangerous.

New Detailed Report.

   USA contractor Alan Gross (center foto) is serving 15 years in prison for smuggling sophisticated telephony equipment into Cuba for its small Jewish community.
AP: "Piece by piece, in backpacks and carry-on bags, American aid contractor Alan Gross made sure laptops, smart phones, hard drives and networking equipment were secreted into Cuba. The most sensitive item, according to official trip reports, was the last one: a specialized mobile phone chip that experts say is often used by the Pentagon and the CIA to make satellite signals virtually impossible to track."
AND : Gross said at his trial in Cuba that he was a "trusting fool" who was duped. But his trip reports indicate that he knew his activities were illegal in Cuba and that he worried about the danger, including possible expulsion.
       One report says a community leader "made it abundantly clear that we are all 'playing with fire.'"