15 February 2012

BOSNIA / SERBIA / KOSOVO : Angelina Jolie Reveals Threats Over Controversial New Film.


      Celebrity actress turned director Angelina Jolie reports that she and her Serbian cast members have received several threats...after her new film...'In the Land of Blood and Honey'...received a peace award from the Berlin Film Festival.
      The film explores the horrors of the 1990's Bosnian war.
      It premiered in Sarajevo...to a standing ovation...and overwhelmed her with tears.
      But her film will not be shown in Serbia.
      A theater owner in the major RS city Banja Luka said: "I have seen the film at a screening in Belgrade. The impression I had of the movie is definitely lousy. I wish I had a multiplex in Sarajevo so I can make a profit on it. Here I cannot. There are simply some films that are acceptable for Sarajevo but not for Banja Luka."