27 January 2012

USA / IRAN / ISRAEL / CHINA : Brzezinski Interviewed By Charlie Rose.


    There aren't many people I lust to lunch with.
    I was once lucky enough to break bread with Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla...aka Pope John Paul 2. 
    I even ate his fruit salad.
    But that was long ago...decades before the Pope was on the fast track to sainthood.
    Zbigniew Brzezinski, 83...the USA's former NSA head...and current Johns Hopkins fellow...
is the kind of brainy, global, macro thinker that I admire now.
     In this 25 January...35 minute clip...while plugging a new book...Z.B. parses the USA's  tumultuous relations with Iran, China and Israel...in a give and take...one on one...with Charlie Rose.
    His take on world affairs...is simply stimulating.
    I'd gladly pick up the check...to pick Brzezinski's brain.