15 January 2012

MEXICO: Why All The Savage Narco Violence? Fighting Over $39 Billion...Annually.

                                          CNN / A. FANTZ
                                         Overview/ Long Read

     So much savagery in Mexico.
     Why the gruesome decapitations...burned bodies...and many mass narco fosas/ hidden graves?
    The government recently put its narco death toll since Dec. 2006...at 47,515.
    NGOs say Mexico is low-balling the tragic numbers.
    But there is little argument about the cause...an estimated $39 billion a year in drug profits!
    Still...the violence stumps many in the USA.
    "How much is enough to the cartels? How many billions justify how many deaths to them?" said a DEA spokesman. "Mexico is their home, too. Their families live there. At what point does the violence cripple their ability to conduct business?"