06 January 2012

CHILE : At Least 7 Fire Fighters Dead In Torres Blaze; Anti-Terror Law Invoked.

                                        AP/ BOSTON GLOBE

     President Pinera had previously claimed that the more than 50 wildfires in Patagonia were under control.
     He has changed his tune...after at least 6 fire fighters died...when high winds fanned the area...destroying 50,000 hectares/123,000 acres...so far.
     Besides the 7 dead fire-fighters...2 suffered bad burns.
     Pinera has also invoked anti-terror legislation...because officials suspect some fires were deliberately set...by radical indigena (Mapuche) activists.
     Some Mapuche had recently burned a fire fighting helicopter.  
    The legislation allows severe punishments, long detention without charges...and anonymous witness testimony.
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