23 January 2012

BRASIL : 26 Jan UPDATE: Many Residents Living Rough After Police Raid Illegal Sao Jose dos Campos Settlement To Reclaim Land.

                   TO SEE: Al Jazeera 2:19 Video Report

     Many residents are sleeping rough...or living in churches and cars...a day after some 2,000 riot police...with helicopter support...stormed an illegal settlement of landless workers in Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo state...to clear them out.
    And police won't even let residents back in to reclaim their possessions.
     Firing tear gas...and rubber bullets...police evicted...an estimated 1,500 families...perhaps 9,000 residents of the Pinheirinho slum...reclaiming the land for its somewhat shady owner...who is reported as a "financial market fraudster arrested in 2008".
      At least 32 people were arrested...and 8 vehicles were set on fire.
      An unknown number were injured.
      The 8-year-old settlement even had churches and shops.

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