22 January 2012

BRASIL : 24 Jan UPDATE: Petrobras Chief Gabrielli...Gone! Das Gracas Foster Profiled.

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       Petrobras shares continued to rise after President Dilma Rousseff announced that she would replace its chief Jose Sergio Gabrielli...after 6 years at the helm of the oil giant.
      Gabrielli planned the world class expansion of Petrobras oil reserves...deep in the subsalt off the coast of Rio state.
      He will be replaced by a close female Rousseff associate...Maria das Gracas Foster (foto) 58...current head of a PBR gas and energy unit.
     Markets seem relieved that he is being replaced by a career technician...and not a political hack.
     Das Gracas Foster has a reputation as a hard worker...and harder task mistress.
     She comes from a lower working class background in Rio.
     Gabrielli's departure was rumored for months.
     He may join the government or perhaps run for office in Bahia state.