04 January 2012

BELARUS / UKRAINE / AUSTRALIA : Aussie Filmmaker Describes Arrest By Secret Police... FEMEN Abduction And Abuse.

Long Feature
with 3:26 video report/fotos

    The Ukraine's topless FEMEN protesters are always  interesting...and outrageous.
   Piqued by their unusual protest methods...Aussie filmmaker Kitty Green, 27, decided to document them.
   Green spent 6 weeks filming the FEMEN women in 2010.
    After a recent return...covering the group's first protest in Belarus...Green (above) was arrested with 2 local journalists...by the secret police in Minsk.
   In this feature...she describes her harrowing arrest experience in Belarus.
   She also confirms a report on how the 3 FEMEN women she was filming were abducted by  men...and severely mistreated.
   They were beaten...stripped naked...doused with petrol and colored dyes (above)...and left without any documents...hundreds of miles from Ukraine...in remote snowy forests.
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