26 January 2012

ARGENTINA / UK / MALVINAS : Cristina Returns, Shows Scar, Laments UK's "Upside Down World."


     President Cristina Fernandez is back on the job...proudly sporting a new scar after her unnecessary thyroid surgery...and still puzzled by the UK's PM Cameron calling Argentina...the 'colonialists.'
     She spoke for an hour in her office about the Malvinas and its sovereignty.
     "In this upside down world, in my absence I’ve heard they (UK) were calling us colonialists. Honestly, we are always tempted to respond, but sometimes we have to avoid doing so because when you hear such statements it’s because they have neither arguments nor reasons”.
     She also ordered the heretofore secret Rattenbach Report...to be declassified.
     It is an independent report about the Malvinas War...but never released...instead locked away under a 50-year state secrets act.