25 November 2011

ITALY / BELGIUM / EUROZONE : Ouch! Roma Forced To Pay 7.814% On 2 Yr; S/P Downgrades Belgium.


     The bond markets have shown their feelings about Italy's new interim technocrat government led by "Super" Mario Monti...with a resounding...not good enough!
    Italy sold $10bn worth of bonds...forced to pay 6.504% on 6 months...and an astounding 7.814% on 2 year bonds.
    The difference in rates from an October auction...must be disturbing.
    But...putting on a happy face...the c.bank said there was 50% more demand than supply for the bills. It plans to sell $8bn more bonds on Tuesday.

   AND: S/P has downgraded Brussels by one notch...to AA from AA+.