30 November 2011

COLOMBIA : 1 Dec UPDATE: Ranked 3rd Worse Weather-Affected Nation...in 2010; Floods Sweep Bolivar.


     A German NGO reports that Colombia ranked third in countries most affected by extreme weather in 2010. Germanwatch says it trailed Pakistan's historic flooding and Guatemala's hurricanes.
     The NGO predicts that conditions will only worsen with ongoing climate change.
     Currently...there is widespread flooding in the Santander and Cordoba provinces.
     Estimates for Colombia's famous arabica coffee production have also been scaled back because of rainy weather...driving up prices.

     NEW stats from C. REPORTS: 108 dead so far and 420,000 affected since 1 Sept; with 10 missing, 95 injured, 67,000 homes destroyed in 27 of 32 departments/provinces. 
  TO SEE:53 video: current flooding from this rainy season's 2nd storm.