19 November 2011

ARGENTINA / SPAIN : More Now Saying Adios! Madrid...Hola! Buenos Aires.

                                           CNN...with 2:35 Video

     As Spain's unemployment nears 23%...many of the Argentine diaspora that fled a bankrupt Buenos Aires in the early 2000's...are returning home.
     Even native Spaniards are now tempted to leave their struggling nation.
     Because of high commodity prices for soybeans...Argentina has seen continued substantial GDP growth...unlike most of the globe.
     It registered a GDP of 9.2% in 2010...and projects a substantial 8.3% increase for 2011.
     Officials say the number of Spaniards immigrating to Argentina is on the rise.
    "I came to Buenos Aires because I lost my job in Madrid more than a year ago, and the situation in Spain is getting worse by the day. So I decided to try to take a different path and try my luck here," says a recent immigrant.