19 April 2013

USA / HUNGARY / MEDIA : Reuters Prematurely Posts Billionaire Soros Obituary.

     The usually reliable and respectable UK-based news organization...Reuters...accidentally posted the obituary of billionaire George Soros.
     It was only online for 2 hours...but nevertheless...is interesting reading.
     Controversial billionaire currency speculator Soros is now in his 83rd year...and is reportedly still alive.
     Most USA conservatives detest him because he funds liberal causes...but Soros is not uniformly loved by liberals...because they say he employs the very predatory market techniques he preaches against...to amass his billions.
     Soros was last covered in this newsblog...because of a ugly new legal battle with a former jilted Brasilian girlfriend over his alleged broken promises to buy her an expensive NYC condo.
     She sued him for $50 million...and he counter-sued her.
     It was a gossipy...and very popular...post/link.
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