12 March 2013

HUNGARY / BRASIL / USA : 18 Mar UPDATE: Billionaire Soros' Former Lover...Airs Nasty Laundry; Scorned Woman Sued For $5 Million In False Rape Claim.

      The former lover of Hungarian billionaire George Soros, 82...is suing him for $50 million for breaking some 2011 promises...to buy her an expensive NYC condo.
      In the suit...Brasilian actress Adriana Ferreyr, 31...reveals much about their 5-year relationship...claiming she was harassed and even abused by the hedge fund magnate.
      Soros is counter-suing her for defamation...and assault with a lamp.
      Ferreyr is also being sued for $5 million by a NYC student...for falsely claiming he raped her on New Year's Eve.
     Soros is notorious for making $1.1 billion on a 1992 bet against the UK pound.
     In the last 4 months...his $24 billion family fund reportedly made $1.2 billion shorting the Japanese yen.
     Ironically...he has given billions to human rights groups...and is loathed by many USA conservatives.
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