13 April 2013

URUGUAY / ARGENTINA : Mujica Apologizes To Cristina Fernandez For Calling Her 'Old Hag.'

     Uruguay's President Jose 'Pepe' Mujica...apologized for his refreshingly undiplomatic descriptions of Argentine President Cristina Fernandez and her dead husband Nestor.
      During a recent event...Mujica was overheard on a live microphone...calling Cristina 'stubborn'...and an 'old hag'...and deceased former President Nestor Kirchner as 'cross-eyed.'
     The remarks sent shock waves thru Argentina...and an official protest was issued.
     Always an unconventional politician...Mujica waited several days before he blamed his many years imprisoned as a guerrilla in solitary confinement for his rough language.
     But a poll showed that 70% of Uruguayans approved of Mujica's descriptions.
     Mujica says he sent President Fernandez a formal apology letter.