09 April 2013

COLOMBIA : 10 April UPDATE: 500,000 Marched For Peace; Santos' Popularity Soars After FARC Talks.


       Organized by the left...an estimated 150,000-500,000 marched in Bogota...and some other cities...demanding peace.
       The turn-out in Medellin was estimated at only 3,000...and at 400 in Cali.
    Critics...including ex-President Uribe and big landowners...dismissed the marchers as simple minded pawns of the FARC narco/oro terrorists.
    Uribe believes that FARC members want to escape punishment...and are funding the marches. 
    The peace talks held in La Habana...have paused until late April.

     Also...new polling shows that approval of President Juan Manuel Santos surged from 56% to 63%...during the Cuban peace talks.